Salmon & Steelhead Guide Ray Vermillion

Professional Guide Ray Vermillion will guide you to that trip of a lifetime. If Ray is booked, or if you have a larger party, we'll hook you up with some of our Partner Guides.

Salmon or Steelhead, I'll get you on fish!Ray Vermillion/ Guide/Owner

As a Washington State fishing guide have been fishing for Steelhead and Salmon for over 33 years and as you can tell...this is my passion. Being a part of someone else catching there first Steelhead or Salmon or maybe the biggest fish of their life gets me excited too. I am a people person and I love to coach my fisherman and women as they are fighting their fish and to see that look on there face when they finally land it... that's why I am a Seattle Fishing Guide!




Associate Guide Mark ColemanMark Coleman, Associate Guide (FT)

For over a decade, Washington fishing guide Mark Coleman has had great success in pursuing, catching, and teaching others the key techniques to hooking trophy fish. As a USCG Licensed Captain and insured Seattle fishing guide Mark Coleman has put his years of fishing experience and knowledge into mastering the prolific Salmon, Steelhead, Trout, and Sturgeon fisheries of Western and Eastern Washington, and Alaska. Its not un-common to see Washington Fishing Guide Mark Coleman guiding trout on the Yakima River, Salmon fishing the Skykomish River, Sturgeon fishing in Puget Sound, guiding the Olympic Peninsula for Steelhead, or the Columbia River fishing Spring Chinook all in the same week! Washington fishing guide Mark Coleman also guides in Bristol Bay, Alaska on the world famous Nushagak River and Togiak River systems.

Associate Guide Mike AinsworthMike Ainsworth, Associate Guide (FT)

"Fishing is my passion" My name is Mike Ainsworth. I have been fishing in Washington state for over seventeen years and Washington fishing guide for almost 8 years. I have fished in many parts in the world from Hawaii to India, If it swims I have tried to catch it and there are a lot more fish to be caught. Fishing is not just a job or a hobby for me it my passion. I have always loved fishing since I was a small boy. I like every thing fishing has to offer. Whether it be the natural beauty of the rivers and forest of Washington, or the thrill of catching a new type of fish. I also love helping people catch fish they have never caught before or may have never been able to catch on there own. One of the best things for me as guide is to see the look on some ones face when they hook in to there first wild steelhead, or there first big salmon or trout. The look on there face and the thrill that they get is what great memories are made of, that goes double for young kids. I still remember the first time my younger brother caught his first steelhead, as vividly as the time I caught my first trout with my father. As new father my self I can hardly wait until my son is of age so I can show him the joy and fun filled days that fishing has brought through the years.

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